Welcome to my homepage, which should provide you with some information about my work as consultant, scientist and journalist.

Beside of those consultancy reports, which were classified as confidential, you can download quite a lot of the papers, articles and reports and get - through the regularly updated CV - some further information on me and my work.

I hope you find the material useful and would be grateful for all kinds of comments etc.


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Atelier de Restitution 20.09.2004 à Ziguinchor/Senegal sur l’étude: État des lieux de la situation socio-économique de Casamance



"Ex Africa semper aliquid novi" Plinius

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To live and work in Africa has advantages and shortcomings - as live in general. The participatory interaction with the local population is one of the highlights for a social scientist working in Central Africa.  

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While the struggle to reach a destination is not always only an interesting challange.

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